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A collection of research papers and articles relating to psychiatric drug withdrawal.


Public Health England’s Evidence Review into Dependence and withdrawal associated with some prescribed medicines

What psychiatric drugs do by class. J Moncrieff  T Stockmann (2019) Guidance for Psychological Therapists: Enabling conversations with clients taking or withdrawing from prescribed psychiatric drugs  A Guy J Davies R Rizq

An Analysis of Four Current UK Service Models for Prescribed Medication Withdrawal Support (All Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence. A Guy J Davies October 2018)

The costs incurred by the NHS in England due to the unnecessary prescribing of dependency-forming medications J Davies RE Cooper J Moncrieff  L Montagu T Rae M Parhi Journal of Addictive Behaviours (February 2022

Cooper, R. E., Ashman, M., Lomani, J., Moncrieff, J., Guy, A., Davies, J., Morant, N., Horowitz, M. (2023). “Stabilise-reduce, stabilise-reduce”: A survey of the common practices of deprescribing services and recommendations for future services. PLoS ONE, 18(3) DOI:

Read, J., Moncrieff, J., Horowitz, M. A. (2023) Designing withdrawal support services for antidepressant users: Patients views on existing services and what they really need. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 161, 298-306.  DOI:

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