Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Town Halls

Co-sponsored with Mad in America, Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry and A Disorder 4 Everyone

Introducing the Series, 15th January 2021

Exploring the Science, 12th March 2021

Post-Withdrawal Experiences, 14th May 2021

Psychiatric Drugging of Children, 13th August 2021

Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome & its Management, 5th November 2022

Pharmaceuticals – Risks and Alternatives

Gothenberg, 15th October 2016

Carina Håkansson, PhD

Jaakko Seikkula, PhD

Olga Runciman

Volkmar Aderhold

Sami Timimi, MD

Professor John Read

Birgitta Alakare, MD

Will Hall

Peter Gøtzsche

Robert Whitaker

Senedd Awareness Day: Past Present & Future Q&A

11th December 2018, Cardiff, Wales

Part 1 – panel with Stevie Lewis, James Moore and David Healy

Part 2 – Q&A

Maastricht World Survey on Antipsychotic Drug Withdrawal

Progress Report, 11th September 2019

More videos

AWTTC (All Wales Therapeutics & Toxicology Centre) Best Practice Day 2019

Presentation by Stevie Lewis on Antidepressants & Prescribed Drug Dependence: Campaigning for Change

Cause Of Death: Unknown

Antidepressants: What people need to know

Here is a PDF of the slides for Marion Brown’s talk, ‘Antidepressants: What people need to know’ at the Lifting Depression Summit 2021 organised by Human Givens

Professor John Read: Antidepressants & Withdrawal Research – a conversation with Medicating Normal

Moving Beyond Myth: a Post Mortem Analysis of Chemical Imbalances and Antidepressant Efficacy, a Roundtable hosted by Inner Compass Initiative