Stories of Reducing Antipsychotics: withdrawal effects or relapse?

The RADAR Study team are hosting an online webinar on Wednesday 9th June, 2-3:30pm BST, exploring lived experience perspectives on attempting to distinguish withdrawal effects from relapse, when reducing antipsychotics.

Although there is increasing awareness of the difficulties in coming off psychiatric drugs, with antidepressants receiving attention in research and services, the effects of coming off antipsychotics have been less well explored, and the difficulty of distinguishing between withdrawal effects and relapse may lead to drugs being restarted or doses increased.

Professor Joanna Moncrieff will introduce the event, then psychiatric drug withdrawal expert Dr Mark Horowitz will discuss some of the most recent research in this area, joined by a panel including service users and carers to have a lively discussion of their different experiences.

The first hour will be the talk and panel discussion, and there will then be half an hour for questions from the audience. Conversation and the sharing of experiences will be encouraged in the chat.

Register via Eventbrite for free. And as always, please share this event with friends, family and colleagues who might like to join the conversation!