IIPDW Submits Case Studies for England’s Prescribed Medicines Review

In 2019, Public Health England published the results of its Review into the issue of Dependence and Withdrawal Associated with some Prescribed Medicines, which set out several recommendations for organisations in health and care to optimise prescribing of these medicines. As a follow-up, in order to implement these recommendations NHS England and NHS Improvement issued …

IIPDW’s Carina Håkansson on Swedish television

Carina Håkansson, co-founder of IIPDW talks on Swedish television about the rising number of people using antidepressants and the need for better support for those wanting to withdraw or reduce. She explains that the large number of young people on antidepressant drugs today can be understood as a huge experiment.

Coming Off Antidepressants in the UK

Following the recent publication of a report entitled The Patient Voice on Prescribed Dependence, the Telegraph has printed this article by Miranda Levy on the situation in the UK for people coming off antidepressants.

‘Stopping Antidepressants’ Info Sheet

Following the Public Health England Report, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has published an excellent document on ‘Stopping Antidepressants’ including evidence-based tapering guidance, co-authored by IIPDW Associate Dr Mark Horowitz.

Withdrawal from Antidepressants: a Review

Professor John Read, Chair of the IIPDW Board, has written a blog in Psychology Today about his journey to find out more about antidepressant withdrawal effects, and the recent key developments in our understanding of the issue.

Medication-Free Treatment in Norway

The Hurdalsjøen Recovery Center, which is a private psychiatric hospital located about forty minutes north of Oslo was set up by its director, Ole Andreas Underland to provide “medication-free” care for those who wanted such treatment or who wanted to taper from their psychiatric drugs. You can read more about it, and the rise of …

FREE screening of Medicating Normal

We’d like to spread the word about this FREE virtual screening of Medicating Normal on Thursday October 15th 2020 at 5.45pm UK time. Medicating Normal is a new, unreleased documentary that examines the current paradigm of mental health treatment including overdiagnosis, overprescribing and rampant polypharmacy. Renowned Stanford University psychiatrist Dr. Anna Lembke praised the film …